The Art and Science of Facial Plastic Surgery

Everything you need to know about the facial aesthetic industry.
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About The Course

Tier 1: Learning The Basics

Your comprehensive guide to cosmetic treatments. Understand the basics of facial fillers, wrinkle relaxers (Botox), lasers, and more! Cut through the noise and get the information you need from an expert you trust!

Tier 2: Informed Decisions

Not sure where to start with your cosmetic journey? What questions should you ask and what should you look out for? Learn how to make your best cosmetic decisions.

Tier 3: FaceLift Master Class

Everything your need to know about the signature ImageLift. Get your most natural results with an amazing minimally invasive facelifting procedure!

Stop Bad Plastic Surgery!

Double Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Richard “Rich” Castellano reveals how to achieve gorgeous, natural-looking results from cosmetic treatments - so you can find the enhancement that works for you and how to best get there. Your #1 educational guide to facial cosmetic treatments. Helping everyday consumers make informed decisions on their personal beauty journeys.

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The ABC's of Plastic Surgery

Setting the foundation for making your cosmetic decisions! This is your look at Dr. Rich's ABC's of Plastic Surgery.

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The Basics



Tier 1 Access + Tier 1 PDFs

Your guide to cosmetic treatments!

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Informed Decisions



Tier 2 Access + Tier 2 PDFs

How to make your best cosmetic decisions!

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FaceLift MasterClass



Tier 3 Access + Tier 3 PDFs

Everything your need to know about the signature ImageLift. 

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Your Guide to:

  • Cosmetic treatments
  • Making Cosmetic Decisions
  • FaceLift Master Class

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